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  1. Stick Resistant Coating For Quick Release
  2. Easy To Clean
  3. Food Grade Xynflon Coating
  4. Made With Carbon Steel : Even Heating For Better Browning & Baking
  5. Specially Made For Household Use. Dimensions : 26.5 -8.5Cm



    o Fresh, warm, wholesome, and made in minutes, enjoy your own homemade cakes, muffins, breads, cookies and much more with this Alda bakeware.

    o Stick resistant coating for quick release of baked dishes and easy cleans up.

    o Extra thickness in professional 1 mm thick carbon steel for uniform heating and perfect backing.


    Baking Benefits:

    1. 'Baked at home' is simply the best bread and cake you could ever taste. And you know what's in it, so you know what you eat. Most bought baked goods are not only full of chemical additives, but often pretty old by the time we eat them.
    2. Baking at home is fulfilling and rewarding, it's an experience to make your own cake and learn the skill of good baking.
    3. Home baked food has obvious health benefits and you will never get it more fresh than straight from your own oven.
    4. You can share your bread with friends and family so they can also enjoy the benefits and the taste.
    5. Alda brings you a premium line of bakeware specially designed for the home baker to enjoy professional baking results at home.


    Brand: Alda

    Color: Black

    Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.4 x 2.5 inches

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    Alda Buntform Cake Tin For Nonstick Bakeware | 24Cm

    Alda Buntform Cake Tin For Nonstick Bakeware | 24Cm

    Rs. 520.00