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  1. Hygienic, stain-resistant and scratches for safe, easy maintenance
  2. Resistant to heat without warping or chipping
  3. Sympathetic to knives and easy to clean
  4. Space-saving design and stylish addition to any kitchen
  5. Ideal for all chopping, dicing and cutting needs
  6. Cutout circle on the top makes it easy to store, hang and carry
  7.  Beautiful Ajrakh & Indigo design makes it a great display piece for kitchen when not in use



o The beautiful and functional Atijo  Foodsafe Wooden Chopping Board is a stylish twist to make your cutting and chopping meal-prep routine easier, convenient, and simply stunning.

o Made from sturdy wood, this chopping board is built to last long without warping, chipping or splintering.

o Easily glide your knives through its sturdy surface without losing their sharpness or damaging the cutting board.

o Chop warm veggies or meat precisely thanks to the heat resistance wood of the cutting board.

o Speaking of cleaning and maintenance, it is hygienic and resistant to various cooking stains and scratches for easier cleaning.

o The circular cutout on the top makes it easy to hang on hooks and carry around in the kitchen conveniently.

o The best part of this chopping board is the elegant Ajrakh floral design that make it a great display piece for your kitchen when not in use.

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Atijo Art Foodsafe Wooden Chopping Board | Mughal Design

Atijo Art Foodsafe Wooden Chopping Board | Mughal Design

Rs. 995.00