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  1. Helps to wash, drain excess water and clean vegetables
  2. Doubles up as a strainer for separating liquids
  3. Use it to separate milk from cream, wash vegetables, strain curd, strain paneer, etc.
  4. Made from stainless steel ; does not crack,warp or chip
  5. Raised sides give a firm hold and grip while washing, draining or straining
  6. Perfect for straining considerable quantity in one use
  7. Ideal for cleaning fruits and vegetables from water and separate dirt, dust, stones and fine particles



o Easily wash, drain excess water, and clean vegetables or fruits with the Ship Stainless Steel Chalni Colander. It is made from premium-quality stainless steel that does not crack, warp or chip even after regular use.

o Put your hands on the raised sides for convenient hold and grip while washing, draining or straining. You can use it to separate milk from cream, wash vegetables, strain curd, strain paneer, strain stock and soups, and much more.

o The punctured holes help to strain any type of liquid and separate the coarse particles, pieces or thick cream while straining out only fine particles or smooth liquid. You can also use this sieve for straining soups and gravies.

o You can strain a considerable amount of flour in just a few minutes. It can also be used to clean vegetables from dirt, grime, stone and fine dust particles. Overall, it's a great all-purpose colander for versatile use at home.

Brand: Ship 

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Stainless Steel Chalni Colander

Stainless Steel Chalni Colander

Rs. 175