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Bottle Honeycomb Stainless Steel | 1000ml Assorted color

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  1. Stainless Steel is a non-reactive material, meaning that it won't absorb beverage flavours or chemicals
  2. Not lined with potentially harmful sealants, in other words, you won't be exposed to bisphenol a, phthalates or other plastic-derived toxins
  3. Easy to clean with a bottle brush, do not use in microwave or in dishwasher
  4. It is 100% food grade, hygienic and odorless



o F2GO Bottle are insulated stainless steel bottle, storing cold beverage it can also be office bottle, school bottle, water bottle.

o It seems that out modern day need for hydration continues to be so fierce and frequent that using washable open-mouthed bottles - precisely when the craving for H2O strikes - is seriously inconvenient, particularly if you're commuting to work, fitting in some all-too-important exercise or running errands.

Brand: F2GO

Color: Assorted