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Wooden Jhaara Skimmer

Rs. 245
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* Made from 100% natural, food-safe wood for durable use and easy cleaning
* Will not warp, chip, crack, bend, or break
* Long stem helps to handle the spoon comfortably
* Non-stick food-grade surface is safe and resistant to stains
* Perfect for lifting, turning and draining excess oil from samosas, bhaiyas, pakoras, puris, bhaturas, etc. while deep frying
* Perforated design helps to drain all the oil without any residues
* Suitable for fry pans, kadhai, and other deep utensils
* Ideal for household kitchens, caterers, restaurants, etc.

Use the 100% natural and food-safe Gwc Wooden Jhaara Skimmer as the perfect option for frying and turning food items like samosas, puris, namkeen, baturas, naans, pakodas, bhajias, etc. It is meant for deep frying in kadhais, fry pans and other deep cooking utensils. Made from 100% natural, food-safe wood, it is durable, smooth and easy to clean. The karchi will not warp, bend, chip, crack or break even after regular use. It's simple design makes it perfect for most dinner tables, restaurants, caterers, and households. The long stem helps to handle the spoon with ease while frying and turning. Rely on its perforated hole design that helps to drain excess oil while lifting food items during the deep frying process. Its smooth non-stick food-grade surface is safe, stain-resistant and gives utmost convenience. Perfect addition to your kitchen essentials.