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  1. Clear resipreme with chrome accents
  2. Non-skid feet
  3. 5 different shaped and sized drawers
  4. Room for all your cutlery
  5. Color: Clear, Material: Plastic
  6. Package Contents: 1 Piece - Tray
  7. Non-skid feet to prevent sliding
  8. Can be used for organising forks, knives and spoons



    o  A one stop solution to organise your cutlery, this tray helps you keep your spoons, knives, forks and other items in one place, allowing you to save time searching for them.

    o This plastic cutlery tray includes five drawers in different sizes so you can accommodate both small and large cutlery pieces.

    o The tray is transparent, allowing you to easily see the items stored inside it.

    o Eliminate clutter in your drawer with this practical cutlery organiser.

    o The cutlery tray is easy to store and can be kept in your kitchen drawer or cabinet. It features non-skid feet attached at the bottom that provides it greater stability and prevents it from sliding or slipping in your drawer.

    o The fine detail on this tray gives it a unique look and also makes it a useful gifting item.

    o This Linus cutlery tray comes in a compact size and serves as a space saver as it does not occupy too much space.



    Brand: InterDesign

    Color: Clear


    Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 10.9 x 2.1 inches

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    InterDesign Linus Cutlery Tray | 5 Compartment, Clear

    InterDesign Linus Cutlery Tray | 5 Compartment, Clear

    Rs. 1,499.00