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  1.  Includes nonstick cookware: Tawa &Pan
  2. Greblon non-stick coating ensures low consumption of oil, butter and ghee
  3. Ideal for turning regular recipes more healthy and fitness-oriented
  4. PFOA-free body is safe for preparing food
  5. Resists stains and scratches from spoons and turners
  6. Soft touch double-riveted handles are sturdy and do not become loose
  7. Handles are cool to touch and protect your hands while pouring or cooking without burns or bruises
  8. Suitable for gas stoves



    o Non-stick pan ideal for making pancakes, omelettes, sauces, halwa, jalebis, etc.

    o Non-stick tawa perfect to prepare rotis, chapatis, parathas, tikka and appetizers, etc.




    o Enjoy healthy, low-oil cooking in style with this versatile Krav Midnight Blue 2 Pcs Non Stick Cookware Set.

    o It has a stylish, elegant design featuring a smooth surface and eye-catching grey color that blends perfectly with most kitchen arrangements and decor.

    o Apart from its classy style, this non-stick is perfect for all your cooking needs. It includes a pan and a tawa; both utensils featuring the same non-stick coating for lasting use.

    o The Greblon non-stick coating helps to reduce oil consumption for all your recipes. You can use less ghee, oil and butter and still enjoy the same taste as before as the non stick coating only uses the required oil for cooking and frying without soaking.

    o So, make a range of healthy recipes and enjoy cooking meals in minimum oil and lesser cooking time. The even distribution of heat at the base of these non-stick utensils cooks the meal faster and efficiently.

    o Overall, the non-stick coating is long-lasting and also resists stains and scratches while cooking, simmering and turning your food.

    This makes the cookware set extremely easy to clean by wiping or hand wash. Its PFOA-free body is completely safe for making food, so you don't have to compromise on your safety and health.

    You can use this cookware set on your gas stove as well as induction without any issues and enjoy hassle-free cooking experience.

    For convenient handling and support, each item in this cookware set comes with a double-riveted handle. It makes the handles more sturdy and durable for safe handling.

    The handles are also cool to touch which makes it extremely easy to pour and serve or move the utensil while cooking without any burns or bruises.

    You can use the pan for making pancakes, omelettes, sauces, halwa, jalebis, etc. The non-stick tawa makes it easy to prepare rotis, chapatis, parathas, tikka and appetizers, and many more dishes.

    Whatever are your cooking requirements, this stylish, versatile, and functional cookware set is simply perfect for your beautiful kitchen.

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    Krav 2 Pieces Non Stick Cookware Set in Stylish Wine Red (Tawa + Pan )

    Krav 2 Pieces Non Stick Cookware Set in Stylish Wine Red (Tawa + Pan )

    Rs. 1,440.00Rs. 1,355.00