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LocknLock Non-stick Ceramic Marble finish saucepan with Lid, 18cm.

Rs. 1,695
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  1. Stone cookware has marble coating both inside and outside, which brings out such a rich flavour on food. Non-stick function is also improved, which prevents food from getting scorched and sticking during long hours of cooking. Durability and cleaning are also outstanding.
  2. Stone cookware can be used in all kinds of cooking environment including induction (IH). With no PFOA contained, it is very safe to use. It also has a strong durability especially against scratches. Its great heat conduction allows you to cook food faster.


    • LocknLock Non-stick Ceramic Marble finish saucepan excels at cooking anything that's mostly liquid.
    • Boil eggs or saute your vegetables.
    • Make your daliy tea or simmer away a delicious soup.
    • It's also great for stewing, simmering, making soups and, unsurprisingly, making sauces like pasta sauce.

    Brand: LocknLock

    Color: White