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  1. First Whistle Free Pressure Cooker in India with Dual Pressure Settings.
  2. India’s first CE mark pressure cooker, includes 6 International Safety Features.
  3.  Visual Pressure indicator : This indicator on the lid shows that the pressure has start building up and will rise up, once the whole pressure is released it drops down and you can easily open the lid and if not, you may not be able to open the lid.
  4. Auto-Lock : Easy and unique mechanism for opening and closing the lid.
  5. The Fusible Safety Plug : Preventing the cooker from boil dry in case of very high pressure. The safety plug will get start melting.
  6. Directional Pressure Regulator : You can release steam AWAY FROM YOU very quickly by bringing the Pressure regulator to steam release position.
  7. Gasket Offset Device : Ensures that the cooker will not build up pressure if the lid is incorrectly fitted.
  8. Secondary Safety Device (SSD) : If the pressure regulator fails to function, and high pressure is build up in the cooker, then the excess steam gets start releasing through the slit which is there below the handle.
  9. Cooks food just perfect: Level 1 for soft foods like rice, cabbage, tori, ghiya, pulses ( moong dal, masoor dal) and Level 2 for harder foods like chicken, mutton , choley, rajma, brinjal, sabut urad, turnip.
  10. Impact bonded tri-metal base (Magnetic Stainless Steel + Aluminium + Stainless Steel) for faster and even heat distribution.
  11. Etched Measuring scale for accuracy and convenience 
  12. Suitable for all Cooktops : 10 years warranty.



    o One-pot solution to cook Chicken, fish, meat, and vegetables in minutes.

    o Impact Bonded Base: Fully encapsulated stainless steel base with aluminum core inside for even heat distribution

    o Automatic and Safe locking for opening and closing the lid

    o Directional pressure regulators release steam, safely away

    o It is compatible with all cooktops including induction


    Warranty: 10 years manufacturer warranty.

    Brand: Meyer

    Package Dimensions: 4Ltr - 15.7 x 9.6 x 8.3 inches

    5Ltr - 16.8 x 11.2 x 8.5 inches

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    Meyer Dual Pressure Cooker | Stainless Steel

    Meyer Dual Pressure Cooker | Stainless Steel

    Rs. 5,375